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My ultimate female biases in the same scene concept. 


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Opportunities passed by, taunting my eyes as they withered with the wind. I am as a plant on a pot, rooted very deep in a faux dwelling, with a beautiful view of the world outside. I watch the leaves pass through me, petals of dandelions beautifully diffuse on an early morning. The caterpillars that ran through me, I’ve watched them and it amuses me to see them now hidden under some shell in preparation for a beautiful future. And I envy them. 

I see the world in its ethereal complex beauty but it is as tempting as a portrait, none of it became concrete to me. I’ve never lived on it. I’ve been rained on, whirlwinds and thunderstorms pass through me but I remained, thinking that one day I will be out in this pot and be in a vast greenly field, in the world where I truly belong. That it was okay to see the dandelions happily dancing around the air, or to watch the caterpillars crawl until they fly. Because one day I will be like them. I will frolic around and be happy. Be truly happy. 

It scares me to think that I will be veiled of this view, of the world to close from my eyes, to escape from me even in that littlest way of feeling that world. And it ignites me. It fueled my will to never give up, to do all my best to be able to get into that world. 

Will I be rooted for life? Or will I be replanted elsewhere? I don’t want to be in this pot anymore.

Because it is in this very stagnant soil that I am slowly dying.

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In love with the hair. <3

With Katniss and Peeta! Haha. XD
#lovebirds #pakiuploadangsandamakmaknatingselfie xD

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Fun err.. ‘run’? LOL #neoninvasion #funrun #pinkish #funfunfun #:))

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2nd day of ICD. =)) Nakakahilo magcode!!

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Omep for 2 weeks. T.T